Do you have a general idea of ​​your character but you can't put that idea on paper?

No problem, with our artist you can have your character drawn and painted, do you need a Dwarf with a chain mail? A magic sword to be wielded by an elf paladin? Or a braided gnome reading an old, worn-out spellbook? Whatever the idea, our artist with more than TWENTY years of experience playing RPGs will be able to put that idea on paper.

Some extra information about commissions:
-All possible information should be provided at the time of purchase through an email to, with the purchase order number.
-Delivery time depends on the product purchased, and this delivery will be made by email, in high quality PNG digital format, to the email by which we received all the order information.
-The artist "LupaShiva" will retain all rights to his drawings, although they can be used by the buyer for commercial purposes.
-We advise you to contact us by the email indicated before making the purchase, to settle possible ideas, and possible options on the commission.