Are you looking for that RPG book that brings you so many memories? Or that box with which you were introduced to the wonderful world of spells, shield and sword combat? We actively search the Internet for such memorabilia, where we currently have a vast and growing collection of such products at your disposal.

Some extra information about collectibles:
-All products will be shipped with tracking number which will be provided by email to the buyer after shipping.
-The mailing process will take place within a maximum of 3 days.
-If we do not have the desired product, send us an email, we will try to search for that product for later sale.
-In all photographs the pencil, eraser, bag and the various details near the bag are not included, they are only aesthetic components for the photograph.

Some extra information about the status of the products:
Condition 1/5: In very bad condition, but usable, not suitable for collectors.
Condition 2/5: In bad condition, with heavy signs of use, it may have some writings, risks, and damage inside.
Condition 3/5: Under normal conditions, but with evident marks of some use, usually damage to the corners of books and / or boxes.
Condition 4/5: In good condition, may have small marks of use but nothing very relevant.
Condition 5/5: Almost perfect, nothing relevant to mention about the product.