It's time to Roll for Treasure! What is Roll for Treasure? It’s a monthly subscription of products for the biggest pen and paper RPG existing in the market, where instead of receiving a box filled with random stuff, you’ll get several elements that make up a new adventure.

Some extra information about the subscription:

  • Every month you will receive everything you need for a fantastic adventure
  • There is never enough dice? No problem, every month a new and different set of dice for you and your players.
  • A huge variety of miniatures from month to month, which complete the adventure present in the box.
  • A good adventure can't just be monster miniatures, right? What about furniture? Chests, crates, tables, altars, doors, everything can be included to fill the adventure.
  • In each box there is a high quality and sturdy map, designed exclusively for the adventure.
Shipping Details

Our box will ship on the 1th-4th of every month. Please order by the 1th-20th to get the current box. You will receive an e-mail with tracking information on the day that your box ships.

Ships worldwide from Portugal.