Battle System 1st Edition

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Condition box: 4/5

Condition components: 4/5

Complete: 3/5 (Missing one player aid, two metal miniatures, and counters)


Battle System Fantasy Combat Supplement, boxed miniatures wargame rules for AD&D 1st edition

“An exciting new direction for AD&D and D&D games! Create fantastic armies with miniature figures or die-cut counters and fight incredible battles against the forces of evil! The BATTLESYSTEM game is fully compatible with any official AD&D or D&D game spell, monster, or plane of existence – now matter how obscure! You can create you own battles or play the exciting scenarios – including an epic DRAGONLANCE adventure battle! The BATTLESYSTEM game uses an innovative mass combat system and allows use of field artillery, flying, magic, invisibility, and illusion! AD&D and D&D characters can earn experience points by commanding armies or fight as individual heroes!

Lead your armies into the ultimate fantasy war with the BATTLESYSTEM Fantasy Combat Supplement!”