Elminster's Ecologies Appendix I: The Battle of Bones & Hill of Lost Souls - 2nd Edition (Forgotten Realms)

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Ask the average dull peasant when and where the Battle of Bones took place and likely he will scratch his head and stammer that it was in the year 1090 Dale Reckoning, at a battlefield bordering on the southwest edge of Anauroch, the Secret Desert. And that afterwards, the humans and their allies camped on the slopes of the Hill of Lost Souls, which has since been abandoned to all but the spirits of the fallen.

As if great wars erupted full-blown and ceased again in an instant's time! As if the places so named has no meaning before or after their enrollment in the savage carnage and waste we call war!

So begin Rolanda Invenweigh's and Thamn Greenwinter's treatises on the regions surrounding these two famous sites. These individuals were hand-picked by Elminster himself to share everything they know about these two places, revealing tidbits of information about the land itself and its inhabitants today - information that just might save the life of an adventurer or two.

Between these covers are expansion booklets for the Elminster's Ecologies series, containing:

  • ecological features of The Battle of Bones region,
  • the Hill of Souls region, and
  • a complete set of encounter charts

These materials follow the same format as the original Elminster's Ecologies boxed set and mesh with it perfectly. Elminster himself has even thrown in a few personal notes. So read on, traveler, and learn all the secrets of these mysterious locales!