Labyrinth of Madness - 2nd Edition

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Sinister, twisting images. Horrific nightmares lurking at the corners of the mind.

But these tales of the Labyrinth of Madnessare only legends, really, nothing more than stories used to frighten children at night - until a mysterious scepter is found, bearing within its crystal head a visage of insanity and terror, and also delivering a message: "Disturb not the Labyrinth of Madness again, and live a while longer."

Now a powerful temple suffers from a tragic curse that is somehow linked to the labyrinth. Does there exist a group of heroes who can penetrate this dark and terrible place to life the curse... and survive?

"Labyrinth of Madness" is a multiple-level, three-dimensional dungeon adventure, a puzzle within a puzzle, that commenorates 20 years of gaming with TSR.