Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two 2nd Edition

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Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two, softback rulebook for AD&D 2nd/2.5th edition

“Back again, and better than ever! Virtually all the new AD&D game monsters that were published by TSR in 1994 have growled, burrowed, and slithered their way into this second release in a yearly series of MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM supplements.

More than 100 denizens of the land, sky, sea, and… other places… are collected inside. Most of these creatures originally appeared in a specific AD&D campaign setting, but they’ve been updated and edited so they can be used in any campaign.

This year’s collection also features the return of the long out-of-print dinosaurs and pleistocene creatures, and includes general encounter tables for the MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM books. This richly illustrated book is an essential addition to every Dungeon Master’s library.”