Stand and Deliver 3rd Edition Kingdoms of Kalamar

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a champion?

For 1st level Characters

Stand and Deliver is a first level adventure set in the Kingdoms of Kalamar® campaign setting. This adventure is designed for use with the revised (3.5) edition of the rules with key differences from the previous editions called out so it can be more easily used with either edition. The player characters will become entangled in a tragic tale of forbidden love among different social classes and soon find themselves embroiled in a challenging contest of skill to decide the fate of people’s lives. They will find themselves investigating the haunted ruins of Guvlven looking for clues to the unexplained disappearance of the original settlers and soldiers centuries ago. While in the wilderness they will meet the mysterious Mashony tribe and learn of their dire need for assistance in sanctifying a sacred temple that has been defiled. But can they be trusted? For the tomb holds many secrets, riddles and dangers of which not even they are aware.

Stand and Deliver blends just the right amount of plot, social intrigue, riddles, combat, traps and magic to provide a fantastic springboard for any DUNGEON MASTER to start a new campaign.

ImageQUEST™ Adventure Illustrator
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ImageQUEST is the picture book the gamers love. Now DMs can not only read the boxed text, they can actually show it to the players.

Here’s some of what you get:
• a full adventure in the Kingdom of Eldor, including over 50 numbered encounters in town, wilderness and dungeon settings.
• includes full descriptions of 7 fearsome new foes for your heroes, including the deadly bakkas, the mysterious phantom steed, the resourceful ratfolk, and the exotic vase thelephore.
• detailed history and maps of the Village of Hemden
• a forbidden area rife with adventure in the ruins of Guvlven
• our special d10,000 random encounter tables.
• a player aid handout

All done in the quality you’ve come to expect from Kenzer and Company.

To use this adventure, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual. We also recommend the use of the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting sourcebook and the Kingdoms of Kalamar Player’s Guide.