What is Dungeons & Dragons?

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What is Dungeons & Dragons?

“Enter the Gateway to Adventure – Indulge in the Fastest-Growing Fantasy Cult of the 80s!”

1982 paperback book, written by John Butterfield, Philip Parker and David Honigman (three schoolboys at Eton bizarrely) and published by Penguin.

First paperback edition, first printing, 1982.


“A Phantasmal Game of Magic and Sorcery, Dungeons and Dragons enables you to play out your wildest fantasies, to battle with monsters, giants and friends, like the Yellow Musk Creeper or the Hound of Ill-Omen, as you search for fame and fortune in the Caves of Chaos or the Shrine of the Sahodogen.

From students to solicitors, punks to professors, everyone is at it! So take our guide – written by three Etonian schoolboys who are experts in the game – and boldly plunge into the stuff of dreams – and nightmares!

Reality will never seem quite the same…”